About the Mural

From TedxWrigleyville

In partnership with Addison & Clark, we unveiled Chicago’s first public mural amplifying the voices of Iranian citizens who — in the wake of the death of 22-year old Mahsa Amini — are revolting against the country's oppressive regime.

The piece, painted by Ukrainian American artist & muralist Natalie Shugailo, represents the intergenerational support for women’s rights and freedom to speak up, and is a collaboration between an internationally minded group of curators and artists, and artist on the ground in Iran who must remain anonymous for safety reasons.

In the mural, titled #WomenLifeFreedom, three generations of Iranian women appear, which depicts them choosing not to veil their hair in a way that meets the standards of the country's leadership.

The design is of Persian style, including the colors which are often reflected in rugs and clothing, but was created as symbol for all women around the world.