About the Mural

Written by Niki Nasserzadeh

I've been involved in all protests in the Miami area, and was thinking since October, we need to have a wall in Miami in hopes for a free Iran. Thanks to our amazing Sicilian artist, Claudia La Bianca, who did this project with her heart and soul. Claudia asked me, to paint Mahsa's hair because it really was so symbolic to me, being a Persian girl we all know what that means to us. Showing hair in Iran is illegal just like most things, so for Mahsa to have her hair blowing in the wind and spelling out Woman, Life, Freedom, it meant a lot to me. I appreciate the team, Unite and Conquer, efforts in helping me get things together for this mural, and for anyone that checks this mural out while they are in Miami, I hope it makes you hopeful that freedom in Iran is near.


Artist(s): Claudia La Bianca and Niki Nasserzadeh