About the Mural

Written by Jason Pirooz Saboury

I got involved when I was born and found out that families in Iran and abroad have experienced the persecution and wrath of the Islamic Regime for simply trying to live a full life. All my life’s experiences have led to this point, I couldn’t stand back any longer, I needed to give my people something that would inspire them to fight for what they have been wanting for 40+ years, freedom! I am privileged enough where I can speak my mind without getting killed for it, so because I can I will, and as in your face and unapologetic as possible. Free Iran, death to the Ayatollah and his military police thugs.

Because of the lack of western coverage I decided to paint my weaponized art in a form many in America would recognize, corporations they are enslaved to. Coca-Cola and Cow’s Milk.

I noticed on 1500tasvir, an independent news outlet in Iran, that youth we’re making Molotov cocktails from soda bottles, I wanted to encourage their tenacity for freedom. The other is indicative of the media’s unwillingness to cover the revolution happening in Iran, to not “cry over spilled blood”.

I started Santee Public Gallery in 2018 with the goal of providing a public art space where artists could legally express themselves in a place of free thought and practice. Almost five years later, the space has grown into a community of graffiti artists, thriving businesses, photographers, sculpture artists, musicians, non profits, as well as governing forces such as the LAPD and The Fashion District. All working in symbiosis to achieve a safer, more beautiful Los Angeles.