About the Mural

Written by Maryam Rouhfar

I'm a first generation Iranian-American and truly understand the fear and volatility of war. I was in Iran in the midst of the bombings during the war between Iran and Iraq. I had to use my platform as an artist to amplify the voices of my sisters and brothers. It wasn't a choice for me, but rather a national duty. I had to. I painted on one plywood an image of a woman's hand holding the scarf/hijab with the Islamic Republic symbol over an open flame, as the shackles on her wrist are falling off. This is to symbolize her freedom as she fights to get rid of the oppressive regime. On the Other plywood, my partner, Ben and I, painted the words Woman. Life. Freedom in English, Farsi and phonetically.


Maryam Rouhfar and Ben Gubitz