Artist(s): Yassie, Be the Change 2023

Photographer(s): Saman Assefi

About the Mural

Written by Yassie

In this mural we wanted to show the unity and bravery we have seen in this women-led Iranian Revolution and the fight for freedom. From symbolic gestures by athletes, to workers on strike, to parents of martyrs speaking at their children’s funeral, to those on the streets, shouting slogans and throwing cocktails. We also wanted to show the variety of people and cultures that are part of Iran who have suffered the most fatalities. The image of the woman holding the flag and leading was inspired by Mahsa, but she wears Baluch traditional clothing and behind her is a Kurdish man. Amongst people fighting you see Afro-Iranians and a girl with hijab.

Everyone is headed towards Azadi tower. Everyone is fighting side by side for freedom from the terrorist Islamic Regime and IRGC.

This mural project is just one example of the amazing collaborations that are happening in the Iranian community these days.

@be.the.change.2023 and I did not know each other prior to this project, and neither of us had ever done a mural before, but we knew as artists we wanted to help be the voice of Iranians risking their lives fighting for freedom in Iran.

We both had the same idea, we had seen Cloe Hakakian‘s beautiful mural of Jina Mahsa Amini and wanted to help with creating the next.

Cloe didn’t know us but she immediately said yes. Cloe at Murals for Freedom put us in touch with the family who provided the wall to us. The family welcomed us without any questions and were willing to help any way they could. The family also gave a generous donation to help with the cost of materials.

To get the word out Orly, who we had also just met through Cloe put us in touch with David Pashaee who came out on his own time and took a bunch of beautiful pictures. Saman Assefi took the beautiful photos from our wall that you see on this site. She volunteered twice to take pictures in the process, and once it was done. Then Cloe also put us in touch with Camyar Meshkaty who volunteered to take drone footage of the wall and make a video of everyone’s work.

The Cloe and Murals for Freedom connected all of us is awe-inspiring and the impact they are making in uniting people for a greater cause is beyond words.

None of us really knew each other prior to this and everyone without a question said yes to helping because we know we are all fighting for the same cause. We know our differences are irrelevant when it comes to Iran’s freedom. Zan Zendegi Azadi (Woman Life Freedom).