This mural was done in collaboration with ARTogether's "Women, Life, Freedom" Murals Project.

From the website:

In the wake of the protests that erupted after the tragic death of Iranian-Kurdish woman Mahsa “Jina” Amini, and the political and social upheaval the protests have caused, we wish to demonstrate our solidarity with the women of Iran through a series of murals in different cities across the Bay Area. These murals are a collaborative project between Iranian female artists and local female artists in the Bay with the themes around “Women, Life, Freedom”, the leading slogan for this movement which inspired the world.

About the Mural

Written by Farnaz Zabetian

This mural is about the woman of Iran and the protests going on right now. After years of fighting for basic human rights, there is now a large movement with thousands of Iranian women fighting with the slogan “Women. Life. Freedom.” In this mural, I painted the the women cutting their hair in front of the Iranian flag as a symbol of protesting and showing how Iranian government taking women's rights. The red fisted hands are symbols of the many lives given for this.