About the Mural

Written by HeartCraft
  1. We got involved because we felt powerless looking at this events and murders, we wanted to show our support and in someway join this fight for freedom.

  2. With Claks, we painted a portrait of Mahsa Amini, a portrait of a young woman resistant cutting her hair Rokhsareh Mohammadkhani based on on a picture taken by , a hand holding out a strand of hair, and we mixed the slogan Woman, Life, Freedom with an excerpt of a famous french poem "Liberty" by Paul Eluard : "I was born to know you to name you FREEDOM" - and it became "I was born WOMAN to know you LIFE, to name you FREEDOM"

  3. We painted that because all of these figures and words are for us strong symbols of the Iranian revolution.


Written by HeartCraft

ClaksOne and HeartCraft

Our work is about inclusion, tolerance and fraternity. I (HeartCraft) work on different subjects such as the representation of disabled people, LGBT+ rights, woman rights and Claks on the great figures of pop culture from politics to artists.

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